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Nandi Is Born
23rd Apr 2010Posted in: News and Articles 2
Nandi Is Born

Kama-dhenu has given birth to Nandi, a beautiful bull calf. It was historic for Audarya Dairy in two ways: it was our first birth from one of our Jersey cows and it was our first Jersibu calf. A Jersibu calf is a cross between a Jersey and miniature zebu. We have been raising miniature zebus cows as pets here at Audarya for over a decade. Exotic and small, they mature to only around 36 inches tall. The bulls are notable for their distinctive hump. We conceived of the Jersibu cross as the ideal family milk cow: smaller than a pure-breed Jersey and thus requiring less land, while giving a more manageable amount of milk for a single family. A Jersey-Zebu cross is also ideal for tropical climates where pure-bred European milk breeds don’t fare well in the heat.

When Nandi is weaned, he will be flying to Central America to become the herd bull for Madhuvan, our monastery in Costa Rica. With nearly 150 acres to run around on, year-round summer weather, and bushels of mangoes and other tropical fruit, Madhuvan is cow paradise.

Madhuvan recently completed construction of a new barn with a small methane tank that converts cow manure to methane gas, which will be used for cooking. Madhuvan is already self-sufficient in terms of power (solar and microhydro), water, and food, so the addition of methane for cooking takes Madhuvan a big step forward in terms of self-sufficiency.

We are eagerly awaiting the birth of Prema’s calf in the next two weeks.

2 Responses

  1. William says:

    Did the Zebu bull breed the Jersey naturally or AI ?

  2. webmaster says:

    Naturally. We put some bales on the ground around the Jersey with a ramp so that the bull could reach. He is a really gentle guy; otherwise it might have been a bit dangerous.

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