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Prema's Calf Tilak
7th May 2010Posted in: News and Articles 2
Prema’s Calf Tilak

Prema’s calf has arrived! Tilak was born Sunday evening in what may have been the smoothest of any births we’ve ever had here, and we have had a lot of smooth ones.

Often as the delivery date approaches a few of us will start sleeping in the building near the cow pens and performing regular checks throughout the night, as the calves are often born in the middle of the night. When Kamadhenu recently gave birth to Nandi, the night shifts went on for almost two weeks. In Prema’s case, we had not even started them. We began noticing her showing signs of early labor when we were milking the other cows in the evening, and a couple hours later her water broke. Even after that she showed very mild signs of calving, but around 9pm, out came Tilak.

Tilak, like his mother, has a distinct white marking on his forehead, from which he got his name. In India, people wear tilak, a forehead marking made from clay or ash, to signify the specific spiritual tradition to which they belong.

Aside from being adorable, Tilak was quite wise right out of the womb. He was up and standing and walking steadily within fifteen minutes, skills that often take around forty minutes. Additionally, he somehow knew exactly where to go for milk, whereas often calves will bump their noses anywhere and everywhere before finding the real source.

Tilak’s birth also marks another occasion, the beginning of our second season of cheesemaking. Since last year we have invested lots of time and energy (and a fair bit of money) in preparation for this time. We hope to really be able to put out some top-notch cheeses that will compete with the pros in both flavor and appearance. Soon we will post an update demonstrating the cheesemaking process and tell you about our new cream separator as well.

Another successful birth and exciting prospects on the horizon here at Audarya.


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  1. Gita Dean says:

    YAY Tilak!! He is so beautiful. We are excited to get milk from his mata tomorrow:)

  2. Todd cinnamon says:

    Hari Boll!

    This brings tears to my eyes for so many reasons.

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