Our cheeses
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Our cheeses

We began making cheese for the same reasons our ancestors did: to preserve an excess of milk. Thus our creamery was a very natural development of our dairy.

All of our cheeses are 100 percent vegetarian and are never made from pasteurized milk. We use sanitary, food-grade equipment and high quality cultures in our 6 to 8 pound wheels. After curing, we vacuum-seal, oil, or salt the cheeses (depending on the variety) and stow them away in our “cave”—a temperature-controlled fridge. Milder hard cheeses like Gouda and Havarti age for 2 to 6 months, while Parmesan and Manchegos age for 6 to 12 months. Fresh cheeses like Fromage Blanc and Mozzarella are age only a few days or not at all.

In addition to a rotating variety of cheeses, the monastics at Audarya have tested and worked diligently to hone the following cheeses:

-Varieties of Havarti
-Varieties of Gouda
-Fromage Blanc

We also make a variety of cheese spreads made from a Fromage Blanc base and flavored with organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables from Audarya’s garden.

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