Our dairy
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Our dairy

Audarya Dairy is a twenty-acre ridgetop property in Mendocino County, California. It is part of a Hindu monastery—Audarya—nestled in the California redwoods. The setting is very rural, three miles off the paved road and surrounded by forested ridgetops and valleys for as far as one can see. We generate all of our own power and grow all of our own food other than grains, and of course we have plenty of milk. Three acres of Audarya are designated for pasture where we grow a very nutritious and delicious dairy mix:

35% Tetraploid Perennial Rye grass
25% Orchard grass
15% Kenland Clover
15% White Dutch Clover
10% Birdsfoot Trefoil

We also graze our herd on neighboring grasses. However, our cows are not fed only pasture grass, nor would it be natural to do so in our environment where for at least six months of the year there is no rain. Thus we supplement our pasture feed with dry organic alfalfa and organic wheat grass. We find that after feeding on pasture grass our cows desire lower energy, dry wheat grass, and this grass also increases the proportion of cream in their milk. During milking we feed our cows a small amount of organic grains. This we feel is a balanced diet for our environment and the results speak for themselves: happy, healthy, cows that love to share their milk. And our cows are cared for by Hindu monastics: holy cow!

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