Our herd
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Our herd

Our milking herd consists of three organic Jersey cows, Kama-dhenu, Syamala, and Prema. Kama-dhenu is a beautiful light taupe color and the smallest of our small herd. The herd is small in two ways: it consists of only three cows and each cow is very small for a Jersey milker, under forty-six inches at the shoulder. Although Kama-dhenu is the smallest, she is also the sharpest and clearly the leader of the herd in all respects with the exception of her milk yield. She gives less milk than Prema or Syamala but exceeds them in affection for those who milk her.

Syamala is our mulberry madame. Her coat is rare among Jerseys, but the mulberry color in Jersey cows does come from the Isle of Jersey, where the Jersey breed originates. She is by far our biggest milker; Syamala was born to milk. She is smaller than Prema in size and only slightly larger than Kama-dhenu. She has a serious and mysterious temperament that fits well with her color.

Prema is the largest of the three and many feel she is the most beautiful. Her coat is mostly orange with white splotches here and there, including a distinctive marking on her forehead. Her affection for calves is notable. It seems as if she loves others’ calves more than their own mothers do! She would make a fantastic nurse cow, one that would nurse others’ calves as well as her own if we needed her to. Her yield is second to Syamala’s, but she is an above average milker. She is very simple and childlike in disposition.

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