Milk Health Benefits
28th Nov 2011 Posted in: Health 0

Are you slurping down herb-infused, caffeine-pumped energy drinks because you’ve been sold on the notion they are good for you? For sure, some aren’t bad – and some may even be beneficial for health – but there are plenty that are mere sugar, flavoring, artificial ingredients, and high doses of caffeine that have even come […]

Dairy and Weight Loss
28th Nov 2011 Posted in: Health 0

If weight loss and dieting are on your New Year’s resolution agenda, an unlikely food group may be the help you need. Consuming dairy products as part of your daily diet can help keep weight down, according to several studies. Findings in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that higher-protein, high-dairy diets shaved off belly fat […]

The Crime Against Raw Milk
16th Mar 2010 Posted in: Health 0

Never in the annals of health and nutrition has there been a food so maligned, lied about, and conspired against as raw milk. Once revered the world over as the most perfect of all foods, its demise was planned in well organized steps in order to create today’s store-shelf milk, a virtually lifeless product that […]

Health Benefits of Raw Milk
14th Mar 2010 Posted in: Gallery, Health 1

There’s little mention in the mainstream media these days, of traditional foods having healing properties. Sure, there’s a ton of hype touting unfermented soy products, vegetable oils and supplements as modern saviors, but in reality, these items have risk-to-benefit ratios like many drugs do (1). Few people are aware that clean, raw milk from grass-fed […]